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TeachersTogether was founded by former educators who are committed to helping teachers make Educated Decisions for retirement. We provide Knowledge and Information to guide those decisions.

In fact, the majority of our associates are:

  • Active K-12 Teachers, Administrators, and Coaches working part-time as Education Coordinators.
  • Retired K-12 Teachers, Administrators, and Coaches who are Certified Teacher Retirement Specialists.

The Biggest Problem Facing Educators Today!

 We understand Educators because we are Educators!

 Meet Cliff Gardner, retired Superintendent and Co-Founder 

 Meet Rusty Clark, retired Principal and Co-Founder 

Helping Educators Secure a Rich Retirement after the Classroom

Studies show that nearly 65% of public school system employess do not have a thorough understanding of the following issues:

  1. Teacher Retirement System
  2. The Retirement Income Gap
  3. Maximizing TRS Benefits
  4. The Impact of Inflation
  5. What if Tax Rates Rise
  6. Avoiding Investment Risk
  7. Interest Rate Risk and the trouble with bond funds
  8. Real Life Expectancies, not the myths

Although there are proven strategies to help resolve these issues, a lack of knowledge and information about these strategies prevents active educators and public school staff from making educated decisions.

Texas Teacher Retirement / TRS Benefits Experts

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